Blue in Green

For those not into the sappy and superficial values of Valentine’s Day, for February 15th, I’d like to present exhibit A – “Blue In Green.” “Blue in Green” was written by Bill Evans (piano) and performed by Miles Davis (trumpet), John Coltrane (tenor sax), Paul Chambers (double bass), and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

Artists who study color theory know that blue and yellow are mixed to create the color green. Green represents nature, growth, and the idea of prosperity (which is why money is green.) So, my interpretation of the title is the feeling of melancholy a person can feel when in the world, living day to day, chasing a living.

I know Mondays can be rough, especially after a long weekend of romantic conquests (or lack thereof), so I hope you enjoy the sounds of Mr. Davis and his superhuman squad of talent. They were thinking about us on a day like this when they wrote this one.

Samplibility: 100%